Can I get a refund for CS2? Overview of Refund Priority Announcement

Can I get a refund for CS2? Overview of Refund Priority Announcement

  With the official launch of CS2, the successor to CS:GO, many players are wondering if they can get refunds for their CS:GO purchases. In this article, we will provide an overview of the refund priority announcement for CS2. Let's delve into the details.

  CS2 Refund Priority Announcement Overview:

  macOS users who have spent the majority of their CS:GO playtime on macOS and have played CS:GO on Mac between the announcement of the CS2 Closed Beta (March 22, 2023) and the release of CS2 (September 27, 2023) are eligible for a refund, regardless of when they purchased the Prime upgrade edition.

  CD keys, gifts, and banned accounts are not eligible for refunds.

  Refund requests must be made before December 1, 2023.

  What is the old version of CS:GO?

  The old version of CS:GO refers to the frozen version of CS:GO. It includes all the features of CS:GO, except for official matchmaking.

  What will happen after the support for the old version of CS:GO ends?

  After January 1, 2024, the game will still be accessible, but certain features that rely on compatibility with the game coordinator (e.g., inventory access) may experience downgrades and/or failures.

  Please note that specific refund policies may vary depending on the platform and region.

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