CS2 Binding Floater Command Method

CS2 Binding Floater Command Method

  The CS2 binding floater command refers to a command that allows players to bind a key for performing a floater action in the game. Many players want to bind the floater command in CS2 to make their item throws more comfortable. However, some players are unfamiliar with the CS2 binding floater command. Below, I will provide you with the method for binding the floater command in CS2. Take a look!

  CS2 Binding Floater Command:

  1.Press the "~" key to access the game console.

  2.Enter the following commands separately:

  3.alias +jp "+jump;-jump"

  4.alias +ak "-attack;-attack2"

  5.bind any_key "+jp;+ak"

  6.Choose any key that you prefer for the binding.

  7.Remember that you need to re-enter the commands every time you start the game, as they become ineffective upon quitting.

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