CS2 Door Key Setting Method

CS2 Door Key Setting Method

  How to Set the Door Key in CS2?

  In the Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) game, there are three ways to open doors, but many players are not aware of the specific settings for these methods. In this article, I will primarily share the method to set the door key in CS2.

  Setting the Door Key:

  1.Open the game settings.

  2.Navigate to the Keyboard/Mouse interface.

  3.Locate the "Use" action and set it to the "E" key.

  Door Opening Methods:

  1.Approach a door and press the "E" key to open it.

  2.Alternatively, you can use a grenade to forcefully open the door.

  3.The most challenging method is to use a flashbang to blind opponents and then open the door.

  These are the steps to set the door key and the different methods of opening doors in CS2. CSGOTrove is a professional CS skin trading platform that provides safe, fast, and convenient CS2 skin transactions for CS2 players.

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