"CS2" Update Adds Arms Race Mode and Customizable Sticker Positions.

  The competitive FPS game "CS2" by V Studios recently released an update, introducing one of the most anticipated classic modes from "CS:GO," customizable sticker positions, and adjustments to weapon and game balance.


  The latest update added the Arms Race mode, where all players start with the same weapon and upgrade through kills, ultimately aiming to win by getting a knife kill. This mode is often used by players as a warm-up, and many players requested its addition when "CS2" was initially released without it.


  Additionally, "CS2" introduced its first weapon skin case, featuring 17 community-designed skins, including the rare Karambit. With the update, players can now place their owned stickers anywhere on their weapons, and they have the ability to rotate and position them. Each weapon can have up to five stickers.


  V Studios also made some balance adjustments to the game. The one-shot kill Zeus electric gun, which originally had only one use, now has a 30-second cooldown, allowing multiple uses.

  On the other hand, a more significant adjustment is related to what FPS players call "peeker's advantage." In the game, the player who peeks around a corner has an advantage due to the server's working principles. V Studios has stated that they have reduced this advantage in multiple aspects.

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