CS2 Update Share

CS2 Update Share

  How much is the CS2 update in terms of storage size? Currently, as of October 5th, the latest version of CS2 requires a storage size of 1.84 GB. Now, let's take a look at the details of the CS2 update and its storage size.

  CS2 Update Storage Size

  Answer: 1.84 GB.

  Update Details

  I. Graphics

  1.The "Model/Texture Detail: Very High" setting has been removed as it was the same as "High."

  2.They used to differ due to texture filtering modes, but now they are a separate setting.

  3.The "Very High" setting in Model/Texture Detail has been removed.

  II. Animation

  1.Replaced fingers on the AWP to make them look less elongated.

  III. Maps

  1.Various bug fixes and adjustments for Inferno, Anubis, Vertigo, Ancient, and Mirage.

  3.Inferno Town, Anubis, Doom Tower, Ancient Ruins, and Desert Citadel.

  IV. Commands

  1.Fixed the "buy" command to be used with the new weapon equipment system.

  2.Please use commands like "buy secondary 0," "buy midtier1," "buy rifle2," etc.

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