How to increase FPS in "CS2"? Recommended game graphics settings overview

How to increase FPS in

  How to increase FPS in "CS2"? Recommended game graphics settings overview.

  "CS2" is the official release of the Counter-Strike 2 game in CS:GO. If you want to improve the FPS (frames per second) in CS2, here is an overview of recommended game graphics settings. Let's take a look together:

  Recommended Game Graphics Settings for CS2:

  1.Enhance Character Contrast: Enabled

  2.Wait for Vertical Sync: Disabled

  3.Current Video Value Preset: Custom

  4.Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing Mode: 8X MSAA

  Reason: Selecting 8X anti-aliasing will eliminate jagged edges in the graphics, providing a smoother and more comfortable visual experience.

  5.Global Shadow Quality: Medium

  Reason: It is recommended to set the shadow quality to "Medium" so that you can clearly see the shadows of opponents and understand their positions.

  6.Model/Texture Detail: Medium

  Reason: Setting the model and texture detail to "Medium" will make the in-game models more defined and clear.

  7.Texture Filtering Mode: Anisotropic 4X

  Reason: This setting makes distant model details more visible and prevents distant objects from appearing too blurry.

  8.Lighting Detail: Low

  9.Particle Detail: Low

  10.Ambient Occlusion: Disabled

  11.High Dynamic Range: High Quality

  Reason: This setting can cause graininess in the visuals, especially in areas with shadows. It is recommended to enable the "High Quality" mode, but it may slightly reduce the game's smoothness.

  12.Fidelity FX Super Resolution: Disabled (Highest Quality)

  Reason: Disabling this setting will use the native resolution of your computer, which can improve the overall visual quality.

  NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency: Enabled


  Reason: This setting can improve GPU utilization and increase the FPS.

  By adjusting these graphics settings, you can optimize your FPS and enhance your gaming experience in "CS2".

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