How to set the screen ratio to 4:3 in "CS2"? Please provide instructions on how to adjust the game's display settings

How to set the screen ratio to 4:3 in

  CS2, the official release of Counter-Strike 2, has been launched in CS:GO. So how do you set the screen ratio to 4:3 in CS2? Below, I will provide instructions on how to adjust the game's display settings. Let's take a look if you're interested.

  CS2 Game Display Settings Instructions:

  Start by opening the Intel Graphics Control Panel.

  For those who are unsure how to access it, simply click on the "Display" option after opening the control panel. Then, open the system settings. Some computers may allow you to adjust the resolution directly from this menu, but if that's not the case for you, proceed to the next step.

  Adjust your computer's resolution to 1280x960 and click on "Save." Note that some laptops may display black bars on the sides after this adjustment. If that happens, you can try the following: In the "Extensions" tab, select the "Stretched" option under the "Scaling" section. Once you've applied this setting, you can revert back to your original screen resolution, typically 1920x1080.

  Finally, launch the game and navigate to the settings menu. Adjust the display mode to either "Fullscreen" or "Windowed." Please note that the 4:3 aspect ratio may not be available when using the "Fullscreen Windowed" option.

  These instructions are specifically for setting the screen ratio to 4:3 in CS2.

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