Introduction to CS2 Console Commands

Introduction to CS2 Console Commands

  CS2 Console Command Introduction

  CS2 console commands allow players to enter certain codes to open the console and execute various commands while playing Counter-Strike 2. Below, the editor will introduce CS2 console commands. Interested players, let's take a look together.

  CS2 Console Commands:

    1.Basic Commands:

  sv_cheats 0/1 // *Disable/enable cheat mode

  noclip // Toggle fly mode

  god // Toggle god mode (still vulnerable to damage)

  gods // Toggle god mode for all players

  kill // *Die instantly

  hurtme x // Inflict x HP damage on yourself

  echo text // Display text in the console

  2.Money-related Commands:

  mp_maxmoney x // Set maximum money to x

  mp_startmoney x // Set starting money to x

  mp_afterroundmoney x // Set post-round reward money to x (default: 0, regardless of winning or losing)

  cash_player_bomb_defused 300 // Bomb defusal money

  cash_player_bomb_planted 300 // Bomb plant money

  cash_player_damage_hostage -30 // Money deducted per 1 HP of hostage damage

  cash_player_interact_with_hostage 300 // Interact with hostages

  cash_player_killed_enemy_default 300 // Default money for killing enemies without modifiers

  cash_player_killed_enemy_factor 1 // Kill money modifier: 1 for competitive, 0.5 for casual

  cash_player_killed_hostage -1000 // Penalty for killing hostages

  cash_player_killed_teammate -300 // Penalty for killing teammates

  cash_player_rescued_hostage 1000 // Reward for successfully rescuing hostages

  cash_team_elimination_bomb_map 3250 // Money earned by eliminating the opposing team in bomb mode

  cash_team_elimination_hostage_map_t 3000 // Money earned by eliminating the opposing team as T in hostage mode

  cash_team_elimination_hostage_map_ct 3000 // Money earned by eliminating the opposing team as CT in hostage mode

  cash_team_hostage_alive 0 // Money gained by CT for each surviving hostage at the end

  cash_team_hostage_interaction 600 // Money earned by CT team when interacting with hostages

  cash_team_loser_bonus 1400 // Base money for the losing team


  mp_restartgame x // Restart the game after x seconds (0 for no effect)


  mp_warmup_end // End warm-up

  mp_warmuptime x // Set warm-up time to x seconds

  mp_warmuptime_all_players_connected x // Set warm-up time after all players connect to x seconds

  sv_warmup_to_freezetime_delay x // Set freeze time after warm-up ends to x seconds

  5.Player Count:

  mp_autoteambalance 0/1 // Disable/enable auto team balance

  mp_limitteams x // Limit the difference in the number of players on each team to a maximum of x players (0 for no limit)

  maxplayers x // Set the maximum number of players to x (including bots)

  6.Rounds and Time:

  mp_roundtime x // Set the round time for deathmatch to x minutes

  mp_roundtime_defuse x // Set the round time for casual/competitive mode to x minutes

  mp_maxrounds x // Set the maximum number of rounds for casual/competitive mode to x

  These are the CS2 console commands introduced. If you need to purchase CS2 skins for a better gaming experience, you can buy and sell CS2 skins on "csgotrove" and enjoy fast, secure, and convenient services.

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