Introduction to CS2 Gun Recoil Suppression Parameters

Introduction to CS2 Gun Recoil Suppression Parameters

  CS2 Gun Recoil Suppression Parameter Introduction

  Many players encounter the issue of gun recoil while playing CS2, and some players don't know how to disable it. Here, let me introduce the parameters to disable gun recoil in CS2. Take a look!

  CS2 Gun Recoil Suppression Parameters:

  Answer: Viewmodel_recoil 0

  Parameter Explanation:

  1.The parameter to disable gun recoil is viewmodel_recoil 0.

  2.0 cancels the upward recoil motion, while 1 is the default recoil setting. Therefore, setting it to 0 will disable the recoil.

  3.First, enter the game, and then press the ~ key to open the console.

  4.In the console, enter the command Viewmodel_recoil 0 to disable the recoil.

  The above is the introduction of the CS2 gun recoil suppression parameters brought to you by csgotrove. Stay tuned for more up-to-date and popular CS2 news and strategy content!

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