Introduction to CS2 Key Dispatch Command

Introduction to CS2 Key Dispatch Command

  CS2 - Key Dispatch Knife Command Setup

  In the game Counter-Strike 2, players have the option to set up a key dispatch command for quickly deploying a knife. However, some players may not be familiar with this operation. Below, let me introduce the method for setting up the CS2 - Key Dispatch Knife command. Let's take a look together.

  How to set up CS2 - Key Dispatch Knife:

  1.After entering the game, click on "Game Settings". In the game settings interface, players will see the option "Enable Developer Console (~)". Once this option is enabled, players can open the console by pressing the ~ key, which makes it convenient to operate the console using shortcuts.

  2.Then, in the console, input "mp_drop_knife_enable 1" and press the Enter key to enable the one-key knife dispatch.

  3.Players can also input the command "mp_drop_knife_enable true" in the console, allowing them to drop the knife with a single key press, reducing unnecessary actions.

  4.Players can also input other commands to change the game's gameplay mechanics. Different commands will provide different experiences for players. Give them a try.

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