Introduction to CS2 Online Launch Date

Introduction to CS2 Online Launch Date

  CS2's online launch date has been announced. It has already been released on the Chinese server, and players can download and play it on the Steam gaming platform. Below, the editor will introduce the CS2 online launch date. Interested players, let's take a look.

  When was CS2 launched?

  Answer: CS2 officially launched on the Chinese server on September 28, 2023.

  CS2 has been officially released on the Steam gaming platform, and players can access CS2 from the previous CS:GO game.

  Previously, players who played CS:GO on the Steam gaming platform can also directly log in through the CS:GO game, but they will be playing CS2 instead, as CS:GO has been completely replaced by CS2.

  FPS and Ping Display Method

  1.After entering the game, press the "`" key (located below the ESC key) to open the console. Players can also find the console in the "Game Settings."

  2.After opening the console, enter the command "net_graph 1" and press the Enter key to display the frames per second (FPS) and network latency (Ping).

  That concludes the introduction to the CS2 online launch date. Interested players can refer to this guide. If you want to learn more related strategies in the future, you can follow "csgotrove," which provides the latest and most comprehensive strategies every day.

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