Introduction to Methods for Displaying FPS and Ping in CS2

Introduction to Methods for Displaying FPS and Ping in CS2

  How to Display FPS and Ping in CS2

  In CS2, having a high FPS (frames per second) and a low ping (network latency) is desirable. However, many players are unaware of how to display FPS and ping values in CS2. Below, I will provide you with the specific method. Let's take a look together.

  How to Display FPS and Ping in CS2:

  After launching the game, press the [~] key (located below the ESC key) to open the console. Alternatively, you can find the console in the "Game Settings" menu.

  Once the console is open, type the command "net_graph 1" and press Enter to enable the display of FPS and ping.

  After entering the command, the game interface will show the current FPS, packet loss rate, ping, and other information. Players can use these displayed numbers to determine if the game is experiencing frame drops or lag. FPS represents the number of frames displayed per second, and a higher value is better. Ping represents the time it takes for game data to be transmitted, and a lower value is better.

  If you wish to disable this display window, simply enter the command "net_graph 0" in the console.

  That's the method for displaying FPS and ping in CS2. CSGOTrove is a professional CS cosmetic trading platform that provides safe, fast, and convenient CS:GO item trading services for CS:GO players.

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