Introduction to the CS2 Roller Trigger Cancel Method

Introduction to the CS2 Roller Trigger Cancel Method

  How to Cancel CS2 Roller Trigger in Counter-Strike 2?

  1.After entering the game, click on the game settings. In the game settings interface, you will find the option "Enable Developer Console ()". When this option is enabled, you can simply press the "" key to open the console, making it convenient to operate with shortcuts.

  2.In the console, enter the following commands:

  "bind MWHEELUP" and "bind MWHEELDOWN"

  Press the Enter key to cancel the roller trigger function.

  3.Alternatively, you can press the "ESC" key in the game, click on "Settings," navigate to "Keyboard/Mouse" options, and change the key bindings for "Select Previous Weapon" and "Select Next Weapon" to different keys to unbind the roller trigger.

  4.Players can also input other commands to change the game's control settings, as different controls provide varied experiences. Give them a try!

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