purple cs2 skins

Purple is the new black! Even though almost all skins in CS 2 look fresh and new, it seems that purple CS:GO skins have undergone the most significa...

purple cs2 skins

  Purple is the new black! Even though almost all skins in CS 2 look fresh and new, it seems that purple CS:GO skins have undergone the most significant metamorphoses! They shimmer, glow, glare, sparkle and so on with the new engine. So, csgotrove Blog has prepared a selection of the ten best purple or violet skins that will look much better in CS 2!

  By the way, all these skins are available on csgotrove Trade or csgotrove Market, so just click on the links. It’s the easiest way to buy purple skins!

  Before you start browsing, let us remind ICYM what will happen to skins in CS2: all your blue, black, red, rare, souvenir, trash and other skins will remain with you! Therefore, it’s the best time to update you inventory with purple skins.

  USP-S Black Lotus, a brilliant purple USP


  The Purple USP-S Black Lotus, even despite the name, is a decent violet skin for CT’s standard pistol in CS:GO. It’s graceful and elegant. Black Lotus’s base is a dark-purple hue with a beautiful peach-coloured flower bud painted on the visible side. In addition, this USP’s silencer is also decorated with false perforation. Quite stunning and, at the same time, straightforward skin with a modest price: USP-S Black Lotus MW is available for less than three dollars at our csgotrove Market.

  Glock-18 Moonrise, a great purple Glock


  This purple skin for T-side starting gun, Glock-18 Moonrise, appeared in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive alongside the Clutch Case. You can see a night city landscape on this weapon finish and a background with a purple night sky and a bright moon. Is it San Fransisco or New York? Moreover, this skin is somewhat of a rare pattern: with a right float, you can have a small star above the pistol grip, which gives the skin a unique charm.

  Desert Eagle Kumicho Dragon, a purple stylish Deagle


  It’s hard to find an extraordinary purple skin for Desert Eagle, but Kumicho Dragon serves greatly. Made in a dark steel shade with a purple handle, in addition, this skin is decorated with an engraving of a dragon. It’s detailed, with intricate scales and a formidable expression that creates the vibes of both power and danger. It’s a perfect match between the essence of the skin and the formidable nature of the gun itself.

  FAMAS Pulse, a violet beauty


  FAMAS Pulse, a purple skin from The Winter Offensive Collection released in 2013, aged pretty well. Even today, it attracts with a modern look, clean lines and geometric shapes. Pulse stands out brightly with its purple/violet colour on the skin’s deep dark base. Given the updated CS2 lighting, this skin will look even brighter and more fabulous.

  By the way, many skins in CS 2 now look cooler and better. We made a selection of such skins here:

  AK-47 Neon Rider, the best purple AK skin


  Quite a popular AK-47 skin Neon Rider is. You can see a biker in a helmet, a leather jacket and an emoji-ed T-shirt. And a huge city of skyscrapers and a bright turquoise line in the background. Is it Ryan Gosling? Anyways, it’s the good old retrowave style. Did you know that four artists worked on this skin at once? A very juicy and rich skin that makes you want to rush B.

  M4A4 Neo-Noir, a famous M4A4 skin


  M4A4 Neo-Noir is famous for its outstanding design, elegance and sudden combat vibes. Its background is pastel-grey coloured. Here, the main character is a female armed with a blade. Is she a rebel, a cyberpunk, a hi-tech ninja? It’s up to you to choose. And to highlight her, the creators combined gradients of bright and dark purple shades. If you like this skin, the good news is that the Neo-Noir skin family, besides M4A4, also includes Glock-18, USP-S and AWP. You can get purple skins at csgotrove Market right away.

  AWP Chromatic Aberration, an amazing purple AWP


  Chromatic aberration means an image distorted. Basically, when your picture is messed up a little. Here, you can see broken and double contours around the edges. Usually, artists do their best to evade such effects, but CS:GO has a whole skin dedicated to aberrations: AWP Chromatic Aberration.

  The rifle’s body is painted in dark shades and is richly decorated with small luminous details, as well as purple stripes. In addition to the body itself, this AWP’s sight is also decorated. One of the best AWP skins for CS 2 at a very modest price, given its rarity.

  MAC-10 Disco Tech, a glowy MAC-10


  MAC-10 Disco Tech isn’t really full-purple, since most of the skin is, well, black and yellow. Nevertheless, this skin is quite amazing and even a slight gloss of purple would be a severe reason to add it to our compilation. Combine it with the best holo stickers, and you’ll get a true banger. And even if you don’t, this skin, thanks to serious pearlescent effects applied, looks amazing on Source 2.

  Shadow Daggers Doppler Phase 2, a cheap purple knife


  Shadow Daggers Doppler Phase 2 knife in CS 2 got two buffs at once! First, a general upgrade touched all skins: the new engine brought new lighting, which made metal things brighter and shinier. And would you look at how prettier Doppler and Gamma Doppler knives got! True eye-catchers. Second, the developers have removed weird camera behaviour when taking these knives out.

  That is why we chose Shadow Daggers Doppler Phase 2 for the compilation. The knife’s handles are painted burgundy, and the blades have shades of purple, pink and indigo. We wonder how the price of knives will increase after the release of CS 2?

  Driver Gloves Imperial Plaid, best purple gloves


  Let’s complete the list of purple skins with a pair of purple gloves. Driver Gloves Imperial Plaid are made of flannel and leather, purple and blue. Additionally, they are decorated with a pattern of lines that form squares. These gloves have dozens of cool patterns, but the best are those where the lines are straight and follow the verticals of fingers. A chic pair of gloves to decorate any inventory.

  Don’t forget that all these skins are available at csgotrove Trade or csgotrove Market. Moreover, they are cheaper on Steam Marketplace! And remember that we have cash withdrawals, a user-friendly interface, fast exchanges and a huge selection of skins.

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