Solution for characters unable to move in CS2

Solution for characters unable to move in CS2

  How to solve the issue of characters unable to move in CS2? Currently, CS2 has just been released, and it seems that many players encounter a situation where their characters suddenly cannot move during the game. They are unsure of what to do. Next, let me guide you through some solutions.

  What to do if characters cannot move in CS2:

  1.Check if there is a problem with the command. By default, the value in CS games is usually set to 5.

  2.The commands are: sv_noclipaccelerate 5, sv_noclipspeed 5.

  3.If you still cannot move after setting the commands in the console (press the ~ key to open the console).

  4.Change the value from 5 to 3500.

  5.The commands should be: sv_noclipaccelerate 3500, sv_noclipspeed 3500.

  These are the solutions provided by the CS2 Troubleshooting Guide. Stay tuned for more CS2 strategy content for players to enjoy.

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