Solution for No Sound on CS2 Microphone

Solution for No Sound on CS2 Microphone

  CS2 Microphone Has No Sound - How to Fix It?

  The highly anticipated CS2 has finally entered public testing, but some players may encounter the issue of their microphone having no sound. Their teammates are unable to hear them. Now, let me introduce some solutions to this problem.

  Possible reasons for the CS2 microphone having no sound:

  1.The microphone output device in the game might be selected incorrectly.

  2.Open the sound settings and locate the voice output device. Change it to your preferred microphone to resolve the issue.

  3.If that doesn't work, go to the desktop and find the sound settings. Test your microphone device. If the microphone is faulty, consider replacing it.

  4.If the microphone is functioning properly, go to the recording interface and set your preferred microphone device as the default communication device.

  These are the solutions for the CS2 microphone having no sound. If you need to purchase CS2 skins for a better gaming experience, you can buy and sell CS2 skins on CSGOTrove, where you can enjoy fast, secure, and convenient services.

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