Tips for Using CS2 Projectiles

Tips for Using CS2 Projectiles

Tips for Using CS2 Projectiles. Teaching Methods. Smoke Grenade Throwing Techniques.

1.We crouch down in front of the box attached to the platform, then aim towards the top of the house in front of the second floor, facing the connection point of the fence on top of the house, and perform a crouch jump throw. The smoke grenade will bounce several times and reach the CT side of the B exit. This not only blocks enemy attacks but also provides an opportunity for teammates to attack as they rush through (only applicable to certain maps).

2.When we stand at a crossroads in the game, it is difficult to determine from which direction the enemy will attack. Therefore, basically, we throw the smoke grenade in a certain direction to block the line of sight of one path, then turn around to deal with the first enemy on the other path. This is also the most basic way of using smoke grenades.

3.Smoke grenades in CS GO2 have undergone three basic design changes: destructible, deformable, and unrestricted.

4.How to use it to make our smoke grenades play a decisive role in combat situations. If we seal a cigarette that is commonly used in the toilet on the map, the best sealing position for this cigarette is to throw it inside the wall so that the door is blocked in the area with the densest smoke. Even if the door is shot through, it won't expose more visibility.

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