What is the difference in wear degree for CS2?

What is the difference in wear degree for CS2?

Friends are curious about the difference in wear between CS2 and CS2 when worn, so let me explain it to everyone.

Minor wear refers to the wear and tear of jewelry. All jewelry experiences wear and tear. From brand new to factory fresh, they may have slight wear, battle-tested damage, or scars from combat. Weapons with different degrees of wear create different effects.

Wear only affects the appearance, it does not affect durability or functionality. A pristine skin is at 1 (i.e., 100% condition). The literal meaning of wear is the lower, the better. Compared to a pristine skin, there may be scratches and missing patterns, so it can be simply understood as (1 - wear).

However, some skins have special wear patterns, such as the Queen AK47. All wear levels have intact patterns but they may affect the overall brightness of the skin. Low wear makes it shine, while high wear makes it very dull.

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